Babadook Pride Rainbow shirt

Babadook Pride shirt

We just got on Amazon and started listing designs. It’s so awesome to have this opportunity! It allows us to do more national themes with all the colors we want. So excited!!! All the Pride things! So I painted a Babadook with a pride hat earlier and like four people actually contacted me to say they’d seriously buy a shirt with my art on it….. so this is the link and if you wanna share with your fellow Babadook lovers feel free :’) I’ll be sporting this at Pride next week so.

Babadook Pride Rainbow shirtBabadook Pride Rainbow shirt, hoodie, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

Babadook Pride Rainbow Longsleeve
Babadook Pride Rainbow Tank top T shirt
Tank top T shirt
Babadook Pride Rainbow V-Neck T shirt
V-Neck T shirt
Babadook Pride Rainbow Hoodie

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