Basic witch Starbucks Halloween shirt

Basic witch starbucks Halloween shirt

Share this and comment that you shared it by 5pm pst on Sunday September 3rd. I will pick one person at random to win a free Basic Basic witch starbucks Halloween shirt tote! August is basically over and it almost time for pumpkin spice everything and Halloween! Let your basic flag fly with these accessories! All will be in glitter! I’m able to interchange colors between orange.

Basic witch starbucks Halloween shirt, tank top and youth shirt

Basic witch starbucks Halloween tank top
tank top
Basic witch starbucks Halloween youth shirt
youth shirt

Basic witch starbucks Halloween shirt, hoodie and sweater

Lately I’ve been seeing shirts and other merchandise that say “basicBasic witch starbucks Halloween shirt  ” on them. I just wanted to let it be known that before I ever saw that phrase anywhere or heard of it, I thought it up and dressed up as one last Halloween.Don’t be a basic WITCH take a break from the PSL because starting tomorrow a new Fall drink is available at Starbucks. The limited-edition Frappula Frappuccino is something you’ll definitely want to “sink your fangs into”. Don’t you love it when brands get into the holiday spirit?! What other Halloween inspired treats will you be enjoying this week.

Basic witch starbucks Halloween sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Basic witch starbucks Halloween hoodie

I have been counting down the days since may, for Starbucks to release their PSL pulled into the drive thru (on my broom stick) with my pumpkin sunglasses and Halloween headband on. Ordered my basic Basic witch starbucks Halloween shirt drink and was so sad that I couldn’t taste it at all this is the sickest I have been in awhile. Idc about the awful sore throat, headache, fever, chills or aches at least leave my taste so I can sip my 3 a day PSL’s  drying my tears on my fall leaf garland.

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