My dachshund rides shotgun shirt

My dachshund rides shotgun shirt

Our Pudge says hello He is 16 yrs young, blind and has slowed way down but we love our little old man to the moon and back My dachshund rides shotgun shirt Emma (aka Skeeter, Emmy, MeMe). She loves to be outside, explore, sleep and act like the humans aren’t talking to her when they call her name. Eleven years old and stubborn as ever.”

My dachshund rides shotgun shirta

My dachshund rides shotgun tank top
tank top
My dachshund rides shotgun youth shirt
youth shirt

My dachshund rides shotgun shirt, hoodie and sweater

I lost my sweet girl 1/6/2017. She was 17 yrs old. I had to put her down because her little body was in such pain. Nothing was helping anymore. Even in her final moments, she was trying to raise her head and look at me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. She brought so much joy to my life. My dachshund rides shotgun shirt are so loyal!

My dachshund rides shotgun sweat shirt
sweat shirt
My dachshund rides shotgun hoodie

Pit bull without a leash runs towards screaming child, then owner discovers the horrible reason why.  In a moment of terror, this dog risked it all to protect the little person who mattered most to him Only 10 years old. This was our Sausage as her girl told her goodbye a couple months ago after the vet said their was nothing that could be done. She was full of cancer and her heart was giving out but she stil had kisses for her girl. 10 years was way to short but Saucy had the best of dog lives. Homeschooled children and a farm to roam. She loved to hunt and would dig till only the tip of her tail showed.

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