Disney Resting witch face shirt (Ursula – Maleficent – Evil Queen)

Disney Resting witch face shirt

It’s a great combination! Austria is designed with 3 characters from 3 popular Disney films.

  1. Ursula from The Mermaid.
  2. Maleficent from Maleficent.
  3. Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

First pics of the Cornelia’s new photoshoot!!  and it’s probably my favorites!!! oww gosh, we find an excelent illumination yesterday in the golden hour  the sunlight was soft and amazing to recreate this photos, I think is something like Cornelia trying to listen the nature, every sound throught the leaves at the trees, the grass in her feets  simply magic!! And yeah, my pose and Disney Resting witch face shirt is like a Disney princess! Do you enjoy a clever Disney shirt like the All That and a Bag of Chips Shirt as much as I do?

Update full color for this shirt:

Disney Resting witch face shirt (Violet)
Disney Resting witch face shirt (Violet)
Disney aDisney Resting witch face Guys t-shirt
Guys t-shirt

Disney Resting witch face shirt, tank top and youth tee

Disney Resting witch face tank top
tank top
Disney Resting witch face youth shirt
youth shirt

Disney Resting witch face shirt, hoodie and sweater

Last week on SCERA Spotlight Podcast, you heard Allison Books (Ursula the Sea Witch) and Shawn Mortensen (Director, The Little Mermaid) talk about how they learned of Lily, a girl with a serious heart condition and a thing for Disney characters with purple skin like her own, namely Ursula from The Little Mermaid … and how the cast of last year’s Mermaid production arranged to bring Lily and her mother to Utah to meet her ‘evil’ idol. Disney Resting witch face shirt.

Disney Resting witch face sweat shirt
sweat shirt

Disney Resting witch face shirt is I Ursula the sea witch. I thought I would plop by to strongly encourage you to vote for me during this face off between me and that pretty little princess. Why should you vote for me you ask? Well let’s put it this way you can either vote for me or spend the rest of your poor unfortunate lives as polyps! Your decision of course. Please allow me to be this princess’s undoing.

Disney Resting witch face hoodie

Dressing up as a pirate this Halloween? Get Disney Resting witch face shirt painting tips from the pros at The Pirates League. Here is Pirate I was talking to Selena Connie’s daughter and she is going to be a witch and her sister is going to be a Pirate. Now on the phone Greg is talking about a nail place and I stopped at a Nail place yesterday to show Lan and Deb the gift I bought my mom. Hello all you Disney lovers.

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