The Red Hood shirt

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    The Red Hood shirt
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    I’m taking the listing down for the Red Hood shirt the 18th. It’s been a good run and it will probably be up again mid November. In time for Christmas!! I just need time to work on other things and get ready for NYCC. Jason Todd was at the night club on a Friday night, he was in a black t-shirt black jeans and black shoes with a nice Rolex, he was holding a beer as he was dancing on the dance floor alone till he noticed a female he knew it was Harley Quinn. He would dance his way towards her. “What are you doing here Quinn?”

    The Red Hood shirt and tank top

    The Red Hood Tank top

    Tank top

    The Red Hood Youth shirt

    Youth shirt

    The Red Hood Ladies t-shirt

    Ladies t-shirt

    Cool Shout Outs to HP Tops for these AMAZING Revenge of Red Riding Hood T-Shirts! If you are interested in one, contact either us or them, they are SUPER Incredible!My two new shirts nightwing is my favorite of all but had to get the red hood shirt also lol.The Red Hood shirt.

    The Red Hood Hoodie and Sweater

    The Red Hood Hoodie


    The Red Hood Sweater


    Just photographed a bunch of products for a friend’s shop…First up:
    Custom Jason Todd shirt available through. So my jason todd cosplay is done just need to put the red hood symbol on the shirt.
    I used makeup for the mask but if I find out how to make the mask I’ll not use makeup. XD

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