The Shining shirt

The Shining shirt

The The Shining shirt COE students wearing their Yellow Shirt during the ‘Hinampang 2017’ featuring the players and the students who took part of the event. the following pics with solos include Sheena Madayag, a SHS STEM student and a table tennis player who won consecutive years since she joined in the table tennis competition and ready to represent the COE in this prestigious event. Post your favorite picture of you with a wrestler. Let’s have some fun today. It’s Friday.

The Shining shirt, tank top and youth tee

The Shining tank top
tank top
The Shining youth shirt
youth shirt

The Shining shirt, hoodie and sweater

The other day I got two texts at almost the same time, from two people wearing the The Shining shirt. One in New York, one in South Africa. Our friends are covering a lot of the planet while showing the love and “Sharing The Light”. Also since your hiding from monsters we’re gonna give you bright orange shirts.

The Shining sweat shirt
sweat shirt
The Shining hoodie

What better way to beat than a spring filled bright shirt The Liva fabric makes it glide on the skin and is perfect for summer months  I posted this lovely design on RebBubble for anyone who wants a horror movie inspired Tshirt  For a limited time Legions be running a special UNLUCKY 13 – SALE with all t-shirts in campaign going for only 13 euros! They have added many fan favourites such as the Antihumanitarian – shirt.

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