Too cool for British Rule shirt

Too cool for British Rule shirt

I’m getting out of work getting into my Jeep going to my polling place exercising my democratic freedoms getting back in my hand made American wonder going home sitting on my porch and drinking a beer all while wearing an American flag cutoff Big weekend here! Saturday went to the outlets with Molly and bought my first ever designer shirts ( Mollys suggestion and it helped that they were 80% off and cost of 10 bucks each) Today hit Comicon with my buddy” The King” Chris Forgett where I met the Punisher, saw the worst cosplay Neagan ever and bought the kids some action figures. Later I caught the new Alien movie ( would not recommend it). Finally pickled up a PS4 hooked it up and I’m ready to do some gaming. Oh yeah…and check out my new ” Too Cool for British Rule shirt ! Indulges my American Patriot and Irish Nationalist feelings all in one. Bam!

Too cool for British Rule shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Too cool for British Rule hoodie
Too cool for British Rule ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Too cool for British Rule tank top
tank top
Too cool for British Rule v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool Too cool for British Rule shirt

Too cool for British Rule shirt Our independent judiciary has decided that our elected representatives have sovereignty to debate and vote on a law. Result, rightwing media goes completely mental. Wasn’t this a key argument of Leave? Oh, so you guys meant all other laws, just not this one? Yeah, cool. Makes complete sense. Also, heaven forbid an openly gay, former fencer ruling in court Whenever i see teens wearing Che’s tee shirt and trying to appear cool i wonder why thr is no tee shirt with Bose’s face! Was he not as cool as Che? Or is it our genetic affinity to everything ‘foreign’ (i think we were very happy to have freedom fighters whos been in ‘foreign’…and that legacy continued)… i agree that Bose looks more Indian (with his round face) and ‘gentleman’ than Che (squarish face, unshaved, broken jaws, long hair).The effort of bose, gandhi and all others were priceless in regards to freedom movement of India but unfortunately Mr. Bose never got his due respect in India…. neither in the govt. system nor in history books or from people (not even in his own state) ! The whole effort of INA has been washed up and kept under carpet for some untold reason.

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