We the party people shirt

We the party people shirt

The first step in working towards a country of unity and peace is forbidding people to wear party people of any political party during the inauguration of the prime minister. I mean not just a group of his political followers. The crowd we are seeing on our TV’s for a certain political party campaining for presidency are not true. People are being transported to the venue of the rally, given party people and caps and are given some monies. Isn’t this not corruption?. Men, you have lost flavour. Sawyer and Hudson celebrating their first birthday! Eating birthday cake, meatballs and always smiling!! Such happy little boys! Enjoyed the party along with 50-60 other people! Their shirts. We the party people.

We the party people shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

We the party people hoodie
We the party people ladies shirt
Ladies t-shirt
We the party people tank top
Tank top
We the party people v-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

We the party people is ready for Brooklyn! Twice as Proper 10-Year Anniversary event Saturday June 10th 2017. Free entry wearing your Party People shirt or hoodie. See you in the dark basement. Ohola we the party people! We need your help naming this classic marlin party people. Tell us what we should name it, tag a mate who would get around it and like the Party Shirt Boutique page our favourite name gets a free party shirt for them and their mate. Hey hey party people! In honor of Coles birthday we’re dropping shirt prices starting this afternoon! So get yours while the gettin’s good!

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