John Wayne Christmas tree sweater

John Wayne Christmas tree sweater

Love it my mum used to put a sheet over her Xmas tree, we’d carry it into the sleep out, then the following year, carry it back into the house, remove the sheet, there it was again, done. I’m a John Wayne Christmas tree sweater at Christmas and I’m already dreading getting the tree out and decorating it. This just shows that this generation doesn’t have time for the real things that matter in life, like Xmas traditions, they are so wrapped up in the things that are only important to them, like mobile phones.

John Wayne Christmas tree sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and t-shirt

John Wayne Christmas tree Ladies
John Wayne Christmas tree Hoodie

I will be putting up a traditional Xmas tree this year and next and the John Wayne Christmas tree sweater and his dancing like she has achieved something, I tell everybody my family I have to work at Christmas and instead I stayed home in front of my fireplace and drink. Brought a pallet tree inside. We’ve got cats and this is significantly harder for them to climb and knock over all the fun putting ya tree up and decorating it takes me about 4hrs on no own no disturbances wine in the hand and Xmas music on sorry but I love it.

John Wayne Christmas tree Longsleeve
John Wayne Christmas tree Shirt

Can’t beat a real Christmas tree especially when all the John Wayne Christmas tree sweater gets involved picking it out and decorating it 20th time looking and there’s a tree!! all I saw before was that booty ruins the point of hanging with family putting up decorations for quality time, I’m stupid if that makes sense.

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