#Dog mom shirt

Dog mom shirt

Our breeds hunt, track, rescue, protect, guide, alert, and hog the bed. Purebred dogs “aren’t just for show,” and this #Dog mom shirt announces it. It comes in any color as long as it’s grey, and the “grunge” font is really popular (but not with your mom or dad). Order now to have it in time for National Purebred Dog Day, now only 19 days away. Need A Gift For A “Mom” Who Has Everything? Maybe Her Dog Doesn’t and they would BOTH love this cute #Dog mom shirt!

#Dog mom shirt, hoodie, tank top

#Dog mom Tank top
Tank top
#Dog mom Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
#Dog mom Hoodie

Best #Dog mom shirt, hoodie, tank top

 I make dog bandanas and matching #Dog mom shirt. Currently I’m the only one that does this sort of thing (that I’m aware of). But my design is pretty simple, with just the pocket matching with the square bandana. My question is: should I be worried that this will catch on and someone with a big budget might copy this and make it a real successful business?

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