This Mom loves her Sailor shirt

This Mom loves her Sailor shirt

My sister Maggie likes to wear clothes unlike me. The weather has warmed up a bit so her sweaters are a bit too warm. Thissailor outfit is like a t-shirt. She only has this one.This Mom loves her Sailor shirt put it on her and she is quite happy. She loves to show Dad when he gets home because he always makes a point to notice. For a Mom that loves to talk (ok brag) about her Sailor, this was a perfect shirt to run errands in today! So many stores, so many questions. I was just telling Macy all about our boat. She is going to love it. Mom bought her the cutest little sailor dress. I cant wait until we get to go boating again this year. This Mom loves her Sailor shirt said the boat should be going in the water next week.

This Mom loves her Sailor shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

This Mom loves her Sailor hoodie
This Mom loves her Sailor tank top
tank top
This Mom loves her Sailor v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial This Mom loves her Sailor shirt

As soon as I saw the sky this morning and the fact that everything was orangeish I had a strange not-so-good feeling! It’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen or felt! This Mom loves her Sailor shirt said that Ron used to tell her red skies in the morning sailors take warning! Then I saw my cousin Karla Mooney pics and had an eerie feeling! Wow I feel strange right now! I have a bad feeling about these big storms coming our way! Everyone please be safe, I love you and hope all will be well with you. Salty hair and I don’t care! My name is Katie Love and I have been on the water my entire life. It is no wonder I ended up in the maritime industry. I love the ocean, traveling, making money, and most importantly lots of time off to travel and play! I grew up in San Diego racing sailboats, surfing, and occupying myself with pretty much any activity that took place on the water. My mother was the one who introduced me to the ocean, probably the day after I was born.

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