Veterans before refugees shirt

Veterans before refugees shirt

If you don’t like meat then don’t eat it me I love meat and nothing will change that so stop trying to change our minds you like salad and veg your choice. This isn’t about the Veterans before refugees shirt of being vegetarian, it’s about producing a product that is less harmful to our planet than the process of killing an animal, preparing and getting it on to our supermarket shelves. From here on I’m unliking, unfriending, I’ve had enough of its negativity, especially it’s a campaign against farmers and farming.

Veterans before refugees shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Veterans before refugees Ladies
Veterans before refugees Hoodie

The constant brainwashing of the British public that what we produce is cruel and unhealthy, bad for the environment, seriously why don’t they come to the countryside and see how we treat, respect and bring up our animals, respect, nurture and sustain our environment, truly, and no, Countryfile is such a Veterans before refugees shirt and out of touch programme it doesn’t count. Eventually, fake meat will seem just like real meat. One day they’ll get it right, taste, texture, colour and we won’t be able to tell the difference, its just a matter of time.

Veterans before refugees Sweater
Veterans before refugees Tank top
Tank top

All this vegan thing that’s going around at the moment is nonsense, we have been eating meat since the dawn of man. Keep it that way. If you don’t eat meat, the kindest thing is to forget about the Veterans before refugees shirt and not to replace it with more manufactured goods. That is if you genuinely want to be kind to the environment or to your health. The rest is hypocrisy and pretentiousness.

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