Bc sarcasm detective shirt

Bc sarcasm detective shirt

badtrip na bayantel oy. makatabang sa world wooow so fast connection. one click away lang ugh just take note the sarcasm bc i am definitely bursting in anger. That’s exactly what you’re doing, YOU JERK! So if my commission were 10% I made $1.20 extra this week – the taxes.. that’s an additional .48cents.. gonna go buy my pack of juicy fruit gum. Feeling determined!! Sarcasm at its fullest. Gonna shove those .48cents up your silver spoon fed mouth. If he happens to come across my post, I don’t care if he fires me, bc I know I will make it and I will ensure I go to freakin Univision, department of labor, or some shit and make a huge deal out of this bull crap!

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