Proud grandpa of detective shirt

Proud grandpa of detective shirt

i miss u soooooooo much and would give anything for u to be here. If only i could of stayed that week with u. U would still be here cuz would of went to the party with soooooo sorry!!!! Mom and i think and talk about u all the time. Ur dad and grandma nancy are gonna set up a gathering in january. Dont worry i promise i will be nice to ur father lol. I know u are up in heaven helping jesus out. Tell grandma, uncle dannny, grandpa jimmy, and james hainsworth i said hello. Give grandmom kisses and tell her all about the grandkids i have and are proud of!!!! Tell her we all miss her and think about her all the time. How is heaven? Is it nice? I hope u are at peace and smiling down on us all!!!! Nana and i love u and are soooo proud of u. You were one of a kind . bobby, sharon, christina all miss u and say hello.also amber too. The detective have information and are all trying to make sense of your death. I will find out what happened. You are in my dreams. I have ur ashes on my mantle. Jennifer your sister said hello. There was so much i wanted to do with u. We were supposed to go skiing in jan. for my bday. , i was gonna throw u a big party when u got ur ankle bracelet off, i just wish i could have a hug and see ur smile. I always loved ur smile . i know u are gonna be a angel in heaven cuz u were here on earth. U would do anything f or anyone and for someone to actually watch u die is unacceptable and that my son he will pay dearly for his sins. The Devil Will Not Win!!!! I  u with all my heart!!!! I will pray every day for u until i can hold u once again.  YOU MOMMY.

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