I’m not lazy I’m just relaxed shirt

I'm not lazy I'm just relaxed shirt

My brain couldn’t figure out yet the answer to that question until she pulled down my trouser, forcing it out of my legs. I pulled my shirt off quickly because I was already sweating; only an impotent man wouldn’t sweat outwhen faced with that kind of project. I’m loud as fuck and guess what? I pay the price. I take the hit, no pun intended. I’ve told everyone who will listen that it has saved my life, in return they offer me poisons, they offer me anything but the one thing that works. And I get told I ”just wanna get high” and I’ve been called a junkie though I’ve never tried heroin, meth, crack, etc., and I’m told that I can’t work a normal job if I smoke when I get home, as they’re holding a cup of my piss, and my own mother would rather believe that Cannabis is similar to heroin than her own sons testimony about how I’m literally here today because Cannabis helped me be me with no Depression, no anxiety, no self harming, no rage, no violent urges, and people I know ask that I not post about it anywhere that their friends or family can see and I’m called a ”I’m not lazy I’m just relaxed shirt” but they can’t find my 420 shirts or my Bob Marley albums or my dvd of Half Baked because I’m not that.

I’m not lazy I’m just relaxed shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

I'm not lazy I'm just relaxed hoodie
I'm not lazy I'm just relaxed ladies shirt
ladies shirt
I'm not lazy I'm just relaxed tank top
tank top
I'm not lazy I'm just relaxed v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial I’m not lazy I’m just relaxed shirt

so everybody that steps out of the closet and admits that they relax or heal with a plant that has never killed anyone in human history helps people like me, getting shit on by ignorant simpletons. And let’s stop calling it a drug, drugs can kill you, drugs are chemical, drugs are poisons watered down. This is a plant. I’m not lazy I’m just relaxed shirt, messy hair, no make up, pajamas all day Still lying in bed. I’m not lazy, I’m just very relaxed imagining what if he’s here today beside me.I walk out of my house with a T-shirt, shorts and shoes on ND ppl just look at me funny but the way I see it is if I’m not at work or with my husband I don’t have to wear makeup or do my hair it’s my day off ND if I want to be lazy then I’ll look lazy lol but I got my shit done cloths r wash house is clean got to spend time with my mom ND sister made all the calls for my kids I’m good to relax now

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