Just mermaid shirt

Just mermaid shirt

My cousin Carlarae is here!!!! And she bought a mermaid shirtjust to match with me! I love her so much Emma Jane is such an adorable baby! For her 1/2 birthday Just mermaid shirt I tried to make a mermaid that was just as adorable as her shes pretty cute so it was hard! I think it turned out GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to see pictures of her in it! She is blessed to have.

Just mermaid shirt , longsleeve and ladies shirt

Just mermaid longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt
Just mermaid ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Just mermaid shirt, hoodie and sweater

I love getting creative! My customer found a child-sized shirt panel and asked me to work my magic. I know just the pattern to incorporate this gorgeous Just mermaid shirt momma panel into. Bella boo boo is sick, and its just me tonight loves… going to cuddle her, so rescheduled the show. Every tray gets you a ticket for the weekly giveaway of a scentsy bundle- full size warmer and wax melts.

Just mermaid hoodie
Just mermaid sweater

Deadlifting 121lbs at 13 yrs old with her (chiropractor) dad cheering her on.I received this video when I was in SLC last month and was so damn proud. Raising my first teenager is everything emotional and unexpected. Holding space for her to embrace her body even when it’s different than her siblings and other kids her age has been an ongoing thing. She went from feeling slightly insecure about her height and body type to completely embracing it over the last year.

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