A-badass Auntie shirt

A-badass Auntie shirt

Shout out to my Tia Cecilia Youvella for getting me this awesome shirt!!!! With a little modification and a few zip ties I got a badass shirt!!! Thanks auntie for the camisa. I just love my niece Shonna Pace she took her auntie to eat bought me a shirt and we just had a wonderful time and my badass great-nephew can’t help but to love him. My aunt Kaye must think I’m a drunk. She came up from Florence with a shirt says this guy needs a beer. With a frekn bottle opener made into shirt lol wth. And a badass Harley Davidson Zippo lighter.

A-badass Auntie shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

A-badass Auntie shirt
V-neck t-shirt
A-badass Auntie Hoodie
A-badass Auntie Guys t-shirt
Guys t-shirt

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