A-badass HVAC Tech shirt

A-badass HVAC Tech shirt

This is grade school level edumication as some hicks call it. This day and age you have the average nerd who has looked at this time and again only to watch it fail miserably at a lot sooner of a point then most people would like. Well, this “nerd” is about to give you a lesson in common sence and “science”. For those of you with the benefit of flash photography on your “smart phone”, I suggest you try what I’m about to teach you and take a picture of your work. Because, unlike duct tape, what I am about to teach you will not look like a kindergarten art project a week down the road when you finish… With me so far? Good. Throw away the duct tape or only use it for things that call for it… Yes, that means you Mr. Duct tape on my power window of my beat up ole ford… Have fun replacing said duct tape in a week because you live in a muggy climate. This is 2016. This is the age of the nerd or the select few of us as my dear Gracie would say “intellectual badasses”.

A-badass HVAC Tech shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

A-badass HVAC Tech Longsleeve
A-badass HVAC Tech V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
A-badass HVAC Tech Hoodie

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