A-badass Single DAD shirt

A-badass Single DAD shirt

You can single-handedly fix a baler, take back-to-back double shots of tequila, & be the only one to wear a Hawaiian shirt at an 80’s rock concert with no shame. You really are the biggest badass I know & I’m so lucky you’re my dad. You are the King of all ironies–you are the meanest, toughest Captain and boss in the whole Philippines but you are the most emotional and most paranoid Dad in the planet, a lot of people are scared of you pero you’re scared of Mommy, me and Hanna, you’re so serious when you are faced with people in the shipping empire, but little do they know, my Dad throws the most baduy jokes, in front of us, every single friggin’ day, at home, he has a very misoginistic fascade and aura but he has a very metrosexual taste in fashion, he buys me, my sister and my mom the prettiest clothes–but amidst all ironies, in an apron, a simple punit punit na pambahay shirt and your favorite walking shorts, you have taught me all the vital lessons in order for me to grow up and not take sh*t from anybody, to toughen up, to take NO for an answer and to rule as a badass Queen.

A-badass Single DAD shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

 A-badass Single DAD Tank top
Tank top
 A-badass Single DAD Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
 A-badass Single DAD Hoodie

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