A-badass Taurus shirt

A-badass Taurus shirt

You know, I never really watched Walker, Texas Ranger. The karate cop theme has never really been my bag, plus the hip shooting marksmanship with a Taurus 92 (what the fuck where they thinking? For a Texas Ranger? Really? Fucking hell.) The epic 90’s dusters, brush popper shirts, good, positive Christian not so subliminal messaging, the lack of brooding anti-hero darkness I pretty much required. The acting. The writing. The unintentional camp. But you know, I catch it from time to time now, and I realized, if I were a cop, I’d pretty much love the ability to drive around in my big, badass truck and kick douchebags in the face. “Oh, you beat up a cripple kid and stole his mom’s million dollar custom van? Sounds like you need a visit from round house kick to the face fairy!” Only it would the throat punch fairy, doling out awesome.

A-badass Taurus shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

A-badass Taurus Tank top
Tank top
A-badass Taurus V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
A-badass Taurus Hoodie

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