A-Badass Heisenberg shirt

A-Badass Heisenberg shirt

I only have three goals in life. Be a swole as motherfucka, be in a badass band with talented mothafuckas, and bang more women than eazy e, like a docta Tim tebow is a good man, he’s a badass, and if anyone ridicules him, they deserve an endless pit of savage hellfire and anal rapage. Walter White a.k.a. A-Badass Heisenberg shirt – One of the best character ever written & portrayed in the history of television. Why did Walter White choose Heisenberg as his alter ego? Because Werner A-Badass Heisenberg shirt. Find out why! Also, it’s about time you learn exactly what this Schrodinger’s cat business is really all about.

A-Badass Heisenberg shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

A-Badass Heisenberg hoodie
A-Badass Heisenberg tank top
tank top
A-Badass Heisenberg v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial A-Badass Heisenberg shirt

Breaking Bad is said to be the transformation of Walter White, how Walter changed from a chemistry teacher to a badass kingpin A-Badass Heisenberg shirt but time to time we all can see glimpses of Heisenberg in Walter White. One of those incidents was when Walter Jr. was trying clothes in a store and some boys were making fun of him. First it looked like he is going to walk away like how a normal man would do but he comes back even being outnumbered and smaller in size he fearlessly beats the guy who was making fun of Jr. and attacks his legs. I feel like such a badass in my A-Badass Heisenberg shirt. Everyone needs a bit of badassness in their life.

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