A-badass Niall horan shirt

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    A-badass Niall horan shirt
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    You impatiently tap your foot repeatedly on the white cool tile. You’d been waiting for 40 minutes straight standing in the overfilled waiting room of the LAX airport. No ‘gentleman’ offered you his seat. You glanced at the clock an grew more frustrated. 50 minutes. 50 minutes of you standing in the same position. Your feet ached, your knees were hurting and the stupid lady in the front desk refused to tell you when One Direction’s plane was coming in.

    A-badass Niall horan shirt, tank top and youth tee

    A-badass Niall horan ladies shirt

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    A-badass Niall horan tank top

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    A-badass Niall horan ladies shirt

    ladies shirt

    A-badass Niall horan shirt, hoodie and sweater

    Zayn can return at any moment, he’s done signed the contract its just whenever he wants to perform or come back, no rush, but he was with us last night. It was a A-badass Niall horan shirt night and I’m sorry we didn’t really tell the surprise. Love you all So beyond proud of you tonight Ari, not only did you show that you’re strong and an amazing person from every aspect but you looked fear straight ahead and didn’t let it stop you. You will always be a badass woman to me and I’m pretty sure to many other people who look up to you. Thank you for having me there tonight and asking me to perform for the many families who should have never been out in the situation to watch their little babies suffer or even have to lie them to rest.

    A-badass Niall horan hoodie


    Watch out we have a A-badass Niall horan shirt over here. Sh I’m in school. Lol I’m suppose o be taking this test but I’m not.  Harry was pulled over in his car by police for a traffic violation on his way to the studio but was released when they recognized who he was  The boys are staying in a mansion during their stay in LA. It was “private” but fans have already found it. Guys. Im such a badass. Its hurricaning at my house. I put on a bathing suit and ran around in the hurricane. It was soooo fun.

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