A-badass tattooed dad shirt

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    A-badass tattooed dad shirt
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    Happy 60th birthday daddy, this year I decided to do something out of the box. No card, cake, or shirt & tie set BUT his very first tattoo My dad is cooler than yours. Smooth operator! Sylvester Stallone dons silky blue A-badass tattooed dad shirt as he enjoys dinner out with wife Jennifer and their two daughters.

    A-badass tattooed dad shirt, tank and youth tee:

    A-badass tattooed dad Youth tee shirt

    Youth tee shirt

    A-badass tattooed dad V-neck t-shirt

    V-neck t-shirt

    Yes, I still wear the A-badass tattooed dad shirt I made you, and yes I’m still getting tattoos to cherish your existence but most of all… I still think about you and love you each and every day of my life. For the last 12 years I’ve been loving and missing u.. and for the next 12 I’ll do exactly the same thing. Here’s to your life Dad.

    A-badass tattooed dad hoodie and sweater:

    A-badass tattooed dad Sweatshirt


    A-badass tattooed dad Long Sleeve

    Long Sleeve

    A-badass tattooed dad Hoodie


    My dad always a Rebel supporter! My brother and I graduated from South Albany High! My father always wore A-badass tattooed dad shirt from there cause he was proud of our accomplishments! Mexican and tattooed up! This is what we need to remember its your kids and the School they went to that you are proud of,and all they were and what they became!

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