Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt

Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt

The bad thing is when it comes to the LGBT community and the Hetero community there are A LOT of acceptable things in the Hetero community that are Not accepted when it comes to the LGBT community.
I was in the post office getting stamps. This Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt comes up and just rubes the back of my head and says “I just love a fresh haircut on a man”. Now, when if I had done that to a random guy who turned out to be str8, all of hell would have broke lose. Hell if a guy did that to a woman, he would have been arrested. When I was telling my str8 men and women fiends they all said what’s the big deal? You should have taken it as a Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt.

Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Homosexuwhale lgbt hoodie
Homosexuwhale lgbt ladies shirt
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Homosexuwhale lgbt tank top
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Homosexuwhale lgbt v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Official Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt:

So I asked them what if the same sex did that to you? Would you take it as a compliment? Both sexes said “Well that’s different.” That is the same stupid statement people say for anything like that. I have had a woman lift up my shirt to see the back of my briefs in the Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt. I have had women compliment me on how my Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt or pants fit me. Being Bi it does not bother me but why can’t Hetero people simply take it as a “compliment” when the same sex gives them a compliment.

So I guess its time that I came out as Bisexual. Some of you may know that about me, some of you may not. I put the B in Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt. It hasn’t ever been easy for me because I dont fit in. I dont fit with the straight people and because im Bi most people think it means im confused or if your a girl im going to just keep hitting on you even if we are friends or a cheater or a swinger etc. That is so far from who I am. I don’t quite fit in with most LGBT communites because anyone that I have tried to join has always been just gay or lesbain with little focus on Bi-Sexuality, they have also disliked me because I am with a man aka Frank. So they feel I dont belong. Its hard walking between two worlds. Yes I am Bi No I am not sorry Yes I like both women and men No I am not confused. I will not be forced to choose a side man or woman due to the fact you can’t fully understand what Bi means to me. I am bi-sexual I am part of Homosexuwhale lgbt shirt and I am here to stay. Love me or hate me I AM ME. I am proud of who I am.

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