I’m voting yes LGBT shirt

I'm voting yes LGBT shirt

Irish LGBT citizens and straight allies are working tirelessly to encourage citizens to vote “yes” for a marriage equality referendum, which would give LGBT people in Ireland the freedom to marry. The vote will be on May 22. Also, the United States Supreme Court will hear four marriage equality cases on Tuesday, April 28. We as a global community must unite and stand together to I’m voting yes LGBT shirt in Ireland and to encourage SCOTUS to make marriage equality the law of the land.

I'm voting yes LGBT tank top
tank top
I'm voting yes LGBT youth shirt
youth shirt

I’m voting yes LGBT shirt, hoodie and sweater

We’re just a few days into the three-month campaign for the marriage equality postal survey, and as we expected, there’s a whole lot of groups trying to get in on the action. A few tipsters noticed sponsored posts in their Facebook feeds over the weekend, advertising merchandise worn by celebrities like Tim Minchin, Ian Thorpe and Keith Urban, emblazoned with the words I’m voting yes LGBT shirt marriage equality” and “Love is love”.But the images are doctored, and the celebs never actually wore the shirts (regardless of what their views on marriage are). The picture of Thorpe and partner Ryan Channing, for example, comes from the Daily Mail.

I'm voting yes LGBT hoodie
I'm voting yes LGBT sweat shirt
sweat shirt

Marriage Equality and ICCL invite anyone and everyone who campaigned for the I’m voting yes LGBT shirt to join them to celebrate the first anniversary of the marriage referendum in Dublin Castle at a photo call with the Tánaiste and a party afterwards at Panti bar! Be at Dublin Castle Upper Yard on Sunday, May 22nd at 1pm and wear your Yes Equality t-shirts/badges if you have them (some will be available on the day for a small donation) to mark history.

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