Mad dog Mattis T-Shirt, James Mattis kill em all hoodie, tank and v-neck tee

  • Mad dog Mattis T-Shirt, James Mattis kill em all hoodie, tank and v-neck tee
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  1. General James Mad Dog Mattis! General Mad Dog Mattis is our new Secretary of “Offense” Give em one! Kill!!!!!! Semper Fidelis Marines!

  2. If this happens…if the stars align…if Kismet and the Oracle and the Fates all combine into one almighty galaxy-wide America-flavored Cinnabon-of-Awesomaciousness…then, perhaps THEN…Trump will have become the Return of Reagan, and our United States of We’re BACK, Bitches will have a Renaissance.
    Semper Kill ‘Em All, General.

  3. Continuing my look at Trump’s cabinet as it takes shape, we have his Sec’y of Defense pick, Gen. (USMC ret.) James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. This article presents some.. interesting insights from the man.
    And look, I can appreciate his service, and I appreciate that he’s a straight shooter (both literally and figuratively, it would appear), and I certainly understand his appeal to many in a nation that regards as heroes men who shoot first and ask questions later.
    But this world, it’s a bit different than it was when this guy first put on the uniform. If we regard our main external enemy as radical Islamic terrorism (which isn’t true, but let’s pretend it is), then consider: the easiest way for ISIS and other terrorist recruiters to attract more candidates is to 1) goad the US into reckless attacks that create civilian casualties (which is far too easy to do), and then 2) tell the survivors and observers that the US wants to kill ’em all and the only way to seek retribution is to sign up for jihad.
    From that perspective, putting a guy called ‘Mad Dog’–and his boss, who loses his shit over a jab on Twitter–in charge of the US military is maybe the worst idea ever.

  4. The first person in power that doesn’t sound like an idiot discussing this.
    He makes the Kill ’em All guys sound foolish.
    Well, hopefully he will be a person in power.
    Lets hope the dems don’t play the same game the reps have been playing with nominations.

  5. Best quote in the article, imo, is: “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”
    They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

  6. On motivation: When a young slow talking Marine, (a SAW gunner) was asked about his feelings on being ordered to pull from Fallujah, his response, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll just hunt em’ down somewhere else… kill em’.” ??

  7. It is about time that we had a SecDef that knew what the US military was for. The military is basically a guard dog. You keep it on a leash, allowing it to growl and bark while pulling on the leash; in order to keep the bad guys thinking of what could happen and afraid of it.
    IF the time comes to use the might of the US military you take it off the leash and say ” SICK ‘EM ” – then call them off when the job is finished, and not before.
    In the military you are to ” be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet “

  8. Regarding our next Secretary of Defense: “It is the attitude of Mattis and his breed – and there are lots like him; think of the deranged General Boykin, for example – that has drawn US forces into the disaster that Iraq has become. Their swaggering, triumphal, smack-’em-in-the-mouth approach has caused millions of Iraqis to hate American troops because from day one the Mattis-type people acted as if every Iraqi was an enemy. They weren’t then, but most of them are, now, thanks to those in the military who followed the example of the all-American Marine who just loves killing people. He is a knuckle dragging buffoon, but the dangerous thing for the world is that he is a hero to millions.”

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