Nervous chihuahua shirt

Nervous chihuahua shirt

Even though the game was canceled after we were already there for THREE hours, I’m pretty excited that my Nervous chihuahua shirt jersey is customized now. Chihuahuas have a tendency to tremble or shiver when stressed, excited or cold. Chihuahuas, especially the short-coat variety, are less tolerant of cold than larger breeds, and may require a sweater or boots in cold weather. They will seek warmth in sunshine, under blankets, or on furniture, human laps or the back of a larger dog.

Nervous chihuahua shirt, tank top and youth tee

Nervous chihuahua tank top
tank top
Nervous chihuahua youth shirt
youth shirt

Nervous chihuahua shirt, hoodie and sweater

Today’s rainstorm prompted me to attempt a DIY Thunder Shirt on a Nervous chihuahua shirt. I didn’t have enough bandaging on hand to make two passes around the torso, but we’ll give this a go. Has anyone tried a thunder shirt for their little one? My dog seems nervous of everything I’d be open to any tips you can share thank you. Also thinking of getting her a calming collar.

Nervous chihuahua sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Nervous chihuahua hoodie

Today Thor went for his first shopping trip to PetSmart. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. He had his fingernails trimmed and was a very good boy. He got to pick out a treat and a toy. He didn’t want a Halloween costume, that aisle made him nervous. And he wasn’t sure if he liked the Saints t-shirt or not. So we ended up with a crinkly toy and a bag of little treats. Everyone at PetSmart loved him and he made a lot of friends.

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