Show me your Kitties shirt

Show me your Kitties shirt

Once upon a time, we had this great idea for a new t-shirt. But life got in the way, and well, as an all-volunteer rescue, the best use of our time is focusing on the rescue, fostering and adoption of dogs. So we put our t-shirt plan in our back pocket for the time being. I encourage anyone who loves animals to visit Adopt Don’t Shop KC.
This man, Scott Poore, created this business with the sole purpose of selling apparel to raise money for shelter animals. He also visits shelters and creates videos of the animals to get the word out and find them homes, takes them food and other donations, and takes in dogs to foster. He has a Show Me Your Kitties shirt you can buy that will help animals in need. (He also has other designs that aren’t so “bold” lol.) Please take a look and purchase. Unfortunately I bought my shirt before I knew about this organization, but I encourage my friends to take a look. Share the love and help the animals.

Show me your Kitties shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Show me your Kitties hoodie
Show me your Kitties tank top
tank top
Show me your Kitties v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Cool Show me your Kitties shirt

Thank you to everyone who has ordered the brand new “Show me your Kitties shirt! It’s been such a huge success that I decided to bring more in. It’s on the website, so order yours today Let’s help our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue!!! Buy a ultra cute t-shirt. AND support a ultra great cause. Win, win Thanks for the “show me your kitties” shirt and expansive conversation check out her work and if you want to purchase a shirt…DM her for details!  Went to town wearing my ” Show me your Kitties shirt, was waiting in line and little girl in front of me turns around and reads it out loud.  Thank god kids don’t get the induendo.

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