Kim Jong Un: Rocketman shirt

Kim Jong Un: Rocketman shirt

Rocketman shirt now available in XS and 2XL. Also on a yellow crew neck American Apparel shirt. I bought an 88 Return of the Rocketman shirt at Dega in 1996 from Ernie’s trailer for $5. By that time he had returned to the 28 Texaco car and the shirts were being closed out. I bought two and I still wear them. Best money I ever spent.

Video trump call Kim Jong Un as Rocketman:

Donald Trump lambasts Kim Jong-un at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, on Friday night, saying ‘we have no choice’ with North Korea. Trump called Kim ‘little rocket man’ and described him as a madman. The president also criticised NFL players who didn’t stand during the national anthem at games and denied any collusion with Russia

If you need more infomation see it here

Kim Jong Un: Rocketman shirt, tank top and v-neck tee

Kim Jong-Un must not know about the United States. We can take him out in a minute. A T Shirt inspired by President Trump calling the man with the crazy haircut from North Korea “Rocketman“.

Kim Jong Un: Rocketman Ladies shirt
Ladies shirt
Kim Jong Un: Rocketman Ladies V-neck t-shirt
Ladies V-neck t-shirt
Kim Jong Un: Rocketman Tank top
Tank top

If there’s anything that could be considered even possibly remotely positive about this current president and his insistence on spouting the dumbest things possible in the last two years.

Kim Jong Un: Rocketman hoodie, sweater and longsleeve

Him calling Kim Jong Un “Rocketman shirt” is the by far the funniest and most likable nickname given to someone.. I can’t help but laugh every time I see it.

Rocketman Hoodie
Rocketman Hoodie
Kim Jong Un: Rocketman Sweatshirt
Kim Jong Un: Rocketman Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve

One of the two women who authorities said poisoned the playboy half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was detained today in a Malaysian airport. This would be funnier if we weren’t all technically on the dotard’s team. May I suggest a red shirt type course of action? Click buy this Rocketman shirt today.

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