Stop petting my peeves shirt

Stop petting my peeves shirt

If you’ve never encountered Thug Life Shirts do yourself a favor. Even if you don’t buy anything, just get in a good laugh. They are HILARIOUS As a naturally larger chested girl, can I just say that my absolute 100% pet peeve is when other girls say “your nipple is about to pop out” when you wear anything that shows even a little cleavage. Like I’m in a tee-shirt today and I got it. I’m wearing my  Petting My Peeves shirt for the first time today. I’ve already gotten 5 compliments and several smiles/smirks from silent admirers I have one big fat pet peeve. PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY BODY. It is MINE. Not yours. Therefore your opinion is invalid. You may be free to have your opinion but I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT! If I choose to get more tattoos I don’t want to hear how much YOU hate tattoos and therefore I should not get any. I do not want to hear how much you dislike makeup so I should Stop petting my peeves shirt putting it on my face. I do NOT want to hear how much you don’t think I should do photoshoots because I’m putting myself out there too much or I have kids so I’m setting a bad example. I DONT want to hear what you think I should and shouldn’t wear. And lastly, if I want to change my gosh darn hair colour to have a bit of fun, DO NOT START GIVING ME SHIT ABOUT CHANGING MY HAIR COLOUR!!! I don’t know why you think you can have this power over me , or change my mind by saying these things like I’m magically going to agree and stop doing everything I like . It is not your body, your hair, or your face so take a good hike . Unless you’re walking in my shoes, I don’t want to hear it. I used to dye my hair pink and purple and blue and rainbow and I loved it and it was so much fun!!! Until everyone started telling me.

Stop petting my peeves shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Stop petting my peeves hoodie
Stop petting my peeves tank top
tank top
Stop petting my peeves v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial Stop petting my peeves shirt

“you have kids now, you should really change it” and guess what, for quite a while I listened. I grew it long, kept it blonde and rarely touched it with any kinds of fun colours. I was told my Labret and eyebrow piercing weren’t very mom like, so guess what! I took those out too. I was told my awesome spiky belts and checkered leggings and skull t shirts weren’t very mature, so i started dressing in pink and jeans and plain leggings. Buying purses and shoes that everyone else liked , but I did not! For quite a while I tried to fit in this way. And holy hell it is a nightmare. I am not some preppy woman who is perfect in any way shape or form. I would way rather put electric blue on my eyes and rock a back combed full of color hair do and studded belt anyday. What i choose to do with myself is none of anyone’s business!!! Do I tell you what to do with your hair and makeup ? NO. Do I tell you how to dress ? NO. do I tell you how to live your life? NO! I embrace the different ness in all of us and that is what makes us all unique . I love what makes us , US! I love change, I love boldness and I love to have fun. Life is too short to have the same boring hair all the time. Life is too short in general. Love yourself for who you are and hey, if you decide you wanna dye your hair hot pink one day, do it!!!! Embrace change and embrace what makes you You know one of my petpeeves is people wearing shorts with a long sleeve shirt. Well I have turned into one of those people! It sucks only having 1 pair of pants (yoga pants that is). Everything you used to have is way to big so that’s a plus! I guess I need to go shopping at some point in the near future before I become a frozen statue at my kids bus Stop petting my peeves shirt .

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