Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt

Sheep supreme sticker shirt

To mark the completion of our weekly evening sessions, we gave all participants a shirt and a disc so everyone can keep on playing frisbee! A massive, massive thank you to the wonderful DUFFA and Alan for providing the shirts and discs and their, as ever, incredible generosity. A massive thank you to all the DUFFA and Black Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt players that have come along to help out at our sessions. A particular shout-out to Peter, who has come to every one of our sessions this summer! It is greatly appreciated, and makes running the sessions so much easier. Thanks for your time!

Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt, tank top and youth shirt


Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme tank top
tank top
Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme youth shirt
youth shirt

Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt, hoodie and sweater

I’m working ’round the clock to get these “ULTIMATE A.B.E. SWAG BAGS” together for saturday!!! 9/9/17 is the release date!!! Get at me for yours!!! Comes wit a ash grey shirt, black or white towel, bic lighter, koozie, Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt, the new mixtape “MY FIST OF FURY”, & a flash drive wit 9 albums.

Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme hoodie
Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme sweat shirt
sweat shirt

You get the new album on CD-Digipack AND on 12″ LP (with exclusive vinyl color), digital download of the entire album two weeks early, Phenomenauts Sheep iDubbbz Merch Supreme shirt pack, exclusive Phenomenauts T-Shirt design, exclusive mix-CD curated by The Phenomenauts featuring the band’s favorite science and rock-n-roll songs, personalized outgoing voicemail message by the Phenomenaut of your choice.

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