I Garden I Drink and I know things shirt

I Garden I Drink and I know things shirt

Good morning, Saturday, yay!!!!!! No going to the garden  this morning unless I want to trudge in mud, and the work at the cabin today will depend on the weather too. And at this moment it’s raining again. So I know what that answer will be So for now, I finished my breakfast, and I’m drinking my Greens and my coffee, then I have to get some corn and tomatoes done, and a basement to clean, and a prepare for a Sample Party coming up!

I Garden I Drink and I know things shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

I Garden I Drink and I know things hoodie
I Garden I Drink and I know things ladies shirt
ladies shirt
I Garden I Drink and I know things tank top
tank top
I Garden I Drink and I know things v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

The sun is shining and spring has finally arrived! Too bad I have to go to work later, no wine for me – but you will find me in the garden until then I buy this shirt! Glow stuff arrived today! Participants will get glow (led) shoelaces, two brackets, t-shirt, and two drink tickets to the beer garden. Click red button to buy it now.

That’s what I do I Garden I drink and I know things Hoodie

I am bragging a bit, but I have the best staff and Cafeteria ladies! They spoiled me this week. Nice emails,Sonic drink,cool t-shirt, garden tools, flower seeds, garden tools,gloves,Home Depot gift card,Diet Coke,Dark Chocolate and Pizza. When you literally drop your drink because there is suddenly a Chippendale show in my backyard. My man took his work shirt off to take garden pics… and here we are.

That’s what I do I Garden I drink and I know things tank top

Quite some time ago in ’93, I met some VFA-192 pilots when the USS Independence was docked in Sydney Harbour (Garden Island Naval base). The pilots were telling me they had been on shore leave (I believe in Thailand) and had some drinking shirts made up in VFA-192 scheme (think of a very light baseball shirt, dragons across the front and SSHWFGD on the back like a player name, # on back of shirt 192). Anyway, I bought one of these from the cheerful pilots of the Golden Dragons and still have it to this day. Has anyone else heard of these shirts?

I listen loud heavy metal, I walk on the street alone 11pm bare foot, I take off my T-shirt anywhere, I love a bloody steak, I pull a house with my 1.3cc little truck, I am not scared of cockroach, I piss standing in the garden, my forearms are bigger then Popeye the sailor, I jump off of cliffs, I drink cowboy cachaça, I shave my face once a year and never my armpit, I lose my mind with blonde hair, I drive my car with my elbow out of the window (left in Brazil, right in New Zealand), I pay my bills since I was 15, I swear words in many languages wile working on the computer, I have strong opinions and let people know about them, I clean off my own shit and wash my underpants by myself, I smoke cigarettes with no filter, and also, I am not afraid to say I love you and I cry watching Lion King. Man, It is fucking good to be a man!

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