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    Its possible there was something added to what you smoked Anne Rice. Then again, I have seen and known people personally that have a, lets call it a sensitivity, to pot. 2 guys I knew both went nuts when they smoked. Instead of calm and “baked”, its like someone gave them cocaine, or something changed in the Adidas addicted weed shirt.

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    Adidas addicted weed shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

    Adidas addicted weed youth tee

    Youth tee

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    Ladies tee

    Experiencing mania. Total opposite reaction. Another, a female, had a sibling who was schizophrenic became paranoid. Many years later I heard there was a study done that showed that Adidas addicted weed shirt and many times relatives would experience paranoia when using pot.

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    Adidas addicted weed sweater


    Adidas addicted weed hoodie


    I have a Adidas addicted weed shirt, sometimes a single sip will make me very ill for about 2 hours. Just because many people can imbibe a thing, does not mean that everyone can. I will say that from what I see, many people are getting relief and healing from pot. It should be fully researched. All cures are found in nature.

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