Adidas fishing shirt

Adidas fishing shirt

Thank you wise one”, Ifenna spoke in high elation. “Am glad the king has already been properly briefed about the looming chaos in the land.” While they spoke, the fully armed warriors of Ndiama moved pass them in haste without uttering a word. The loud thuds resulting from their aggressive footsteps indicated that they were off to destroy, to apprehend Obidike and Obiakor. “And who has released the beasts from their dungeons to move among men?

Adidas fishing guys shirt
Adidas fishing guys shirt

Ifenna asked Ojadike as he wanted to go into hiding, with his Adidas fishing shirt and eyes in shock as he saw the forbidden warriors of Ndiama for the first time in fifteen years. “The last time these fighters came out was when Okonta land fought and defeated the beasts of Obande evil forest. The situation in the land has not risen to irreparable anarchy.” Ifenna spoke with concern, but Ojadike replied, “Let us remove the monkey’s hand from the soup while it has not turned into the hand of a human being.” Ifenna looked up to the sky and shook his head in utter disbelief, “I hope the King is not making a grave mistake” he thought within himself as the full gaze of Ojadike was still rested on him. He was in lacks of any more questions to ask.

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