Adidas Thanos shirt

Adidas Thanos shirt

You know, though you don’t want Tripp to be jealous of his para, it does make me smile that he is so aware of what is going on and can express how he feels. That means his brain is functioning and this gives me hope that he will continue to make strides all in due time. I would imagine school did wear him out as his body probably still isn’t totally recovered from his Adidas Thanos shirt. I still continue to send up prayers for him to stay well as I know his skull surgery is coming up soon.

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Have an awesome weekend and hope you guys can get outside and get some fresh air. Love and hugs. Love that Tripp shows his  Adidas Thanos shirt even if it’s jealousy! I am sure Tripp is tired after not going to school for a while and then a full week back! Lots of love and prayers! Have a great race and weekend. I don’t care who the child person is. I guess he figured he’d get a pass on that since he’d been gone for so long.

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Wrong, kiddo, Mom will give you that lesson again. Stacy, those kinds of dreams are so scary and really hits you when you then have a scare with the monitors. You are doing exceptionally well, so just keep doing what you are doing. I have a friend in his mid-70’s who still has full-time charge of his Adidas Thanos shirt son who can not walk or talk, so just know you can do it. You keep those muscles & bones strong and it will keep you able.

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