American rooster shirt

American rooster shirt

Once we lost the labeling laws it was just a matter of time. We need to put more pressure on these big companies and start growing our own foods. Something to think about is what if they buy up all the smaller organic companies and then they all decide to stop making them organic and start dousing them with the pesticides and adding in the GMOs and leave us with American rooster shirt?

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American rooster shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

American rooster youth tee
Youth tee
American rooster Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Not all of us have farms to grow our own food. We have to win this battle to ban GMOs and promote organic farms or we could all lose in the end. Seems like they are not honoring their organic non GMO roots. Once again money speaks. Big food corps. do not care about the American rooster shirt.

American rooster hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

American rooster sweater
American rooster hoodie

His is very bad news for people who have trusted these brands. I agree that people need to shop very locally, grow whatever they can themselves and frequent Farmers’ Markets and CSA’s. Monsanto and theiir ilk will do whatever they can to sneak their GMO products into our food supply. People need to keep voting with the American rooster shirt and not buying any product that contains GMO’s

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