Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt

Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt

What is the obsession with these so-called innovators? They think that we don’t love driving, shifting, speeding, and all the cool and fun things with cars. They need to come up with cars made to drive not self-drive. Only seconds before the crash means it was inevitable and the Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt then haven’t determined if the Tesla is at fault! How misleading, makes you wonder who is backing you? It took firearms approximately years to become better weapons than bows and arrows. Any new tech is inferior to some matured old tech in some way.

Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Baby Eeyore and Pooh Tank top
Tank top
Baby Eeyore and Pooh Sweater

What’s the Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt of autopilot if your hands need to be on or near the wheel defeats the purpose. Might as well rest your foot on the pedal. Here come all the Republitards who obviously didn’t read the article, but are super experts on this issue is still far safer. These cars are already far safer than human drivers.

Baby Eeyore and Pooh Hoodie

You just don’t hear about the hundreds of fatal crashes due to human error in the news. Tesla must be very good friends with, how Boeing is, the Baby Eeyore and Pooh shirt of earning more and more money, rather than caring the people’s life. It’s a total shame to them you can’t trust them anymore.

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