Bae best auntie ever shirt

Bae best auntie ever shirt

Just GREAT so the website i brought my “Bae best auntie ever shirt from came in the mail today right but they gave me the wrong size PLUS they put “Babe” instead of “Bae”  so mow i gotta find somebody to make me the damn shirt because the shower is Saturday My BAE (Best Auntie Ever) shirt from my bestie, with my best boys 10 takes these are the top 4 – pretty much sums up this crazy crew … wouldn’t trade these wild ones for the world! Tonight I celebrated Christmas with my mom, sisters, and Hunter at Kaylas house! We had lasagna and opened presents. I got everything I wanted (and more)from my sisters, from Kacie: a dry erase board calendar (we have them at work and I love them so I wanted one for my house) and a Bae best auntie ever shirt , from Kayla: a cheeseburger pillow, and a turquoise chevron quilt! My mom also gave us the presents from her tonight! From her I got a comforter (queen and blue) I’m so happy to have one that fits my bed and blue is my favorite color (also it came with decorative pillows that makes me so happy I’ve never owned decorative pillows) and twisted peppermint stuff from Bath and Body Works. Hunty got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse table and chairs from Kayla and I! One of the biggest gifts that I got tonight was a FRICKIN CRUISE! The cruise is for October of 2017. I think everyone had a great Christmas tonight.

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Offcial Bae best auntie ever shirt

Show off your Bae best auntie ever shirt status in style with this Best Auntie Ever (BAE) trendy shirt! Looking for a unique gift your Aunt will love, this is the perfect shirt to show her you care. Yes, I bought myself this shirt but I really think if Marcus could read or had an etsy account, he would have bought it for me. My niece came to visit this evening and brought me a t-shirt that says BAE best aunt ever! We sure love that girl! My custom designed Aunty shirt!!! The inspiration hit me for the shirts when I seen Bae best auntie ever shirt  repeating bae, bay! Sittin’ on the dock with my BAE! It’s perfection. If you’d like to order vinyl tops we have a wonderful gal who does our work for us! Message me to inquire.

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