My bat’leth brings shirt

My bat'leth brings shirt

Within the leadership of The KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP,  there’s been a lot of discussion on how to bring in Younger,  more Vibrant members. My bat’leth brings shirt the be’ to the yard, they’re like its fuckin’ qapla’, they’re like its fuckin’ qapla’! wishes to wreak a raucous ruckus with all of her Vixens En Garde. I’ll bring the bacon shots! (turkey bacon for Athena Albrecht, faux bacon for Pandora Montoya, extra bacon for me) A huge thank you to our epic patrons who bring us such amazing things such as the Klingon My bat’leth brings shirt, and the Brotherhood of Steel flag!  You guys are the best Feverishly plotting the invasion of CTRF. Hebron’s defenses are weak at best. Athena Albrecht keeps bringing out the army men, but I’m fairly certain that the faire’s inhabitants will surrender peacefully to our charms. If not, I’ll just throw Persephone Blume at them. Literally. Vixens En Garde Bowling!

My bat’leth brings shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

My bat'leth brings hoodie
My bat'leth brings tank top
tank top
My bat'leth brings v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial My bat’leth brings shirt

For maximum impact, please listen to this song while reading the following story. KREM reports an argument about garbage escalated—as they are wont to do—until one neighbor was threatening another with a weapon straight out of Star Trek. Carlo Cerutti, 50, has been charged with assault after allegedly swinging a Klingon My bat’leth brings shirt “a large sword-like weapon with multiple blades” for our non-Trekkie reade Hey, Trekkie friends! I mentioned this a while ago and a whole bunch of you got excited – now auditions are imminent! Grab your My bat’leth brings shirt and I’ll see you there! First round of prune juice is on me.

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