Bitch Im shook shirt

Bitch Im shook shirt

You have to put yourself out there and be friendly, even to the point where it might make you slightly uncomfortable to be that forward about making plans with someone you don’t know. At the same time, don’t force yourself into a friendship because you think you NEED mom friends. Some of my closest friends are childless and they love my Bitch Im shook shirt.

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I literally had a blog post about this Bitch Im shook shirt. Basically, I think you have to be willing to put yourself out there and be awkward. It’s hard! But in today’s society, I feel that there is so much telling new moms that being a mom is hard, stay home. And I hate this. Hate this so much! Being a mom isn’t all hard work, especially when you only have one kid in tow – get out.

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Have fun! Make a new way of enjoying your Bitch Im shook shirt! You may not have the same friends, or enjoy the same things as before you became a mom, so find your new normal and embrace it. I saw a fellow mom with a toddler coming and going from our apartment building but we’d always miss each other, then one day we finally met and we’ve been best mom friends ever since!

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