EDIT The Bodacious Period shirt

The Bodacious Period shirt

Without a question my favorite album of all time. It allways makes me think of being in the back seat of bodacious with the Holden brothers. Going way to fast on dirt roads with a storm moving in the distance.Listening to the bass blasting during idiotech and blissful organ of motion picture soundtrack. How can that not change your life? In my opinion its a huge step forward for music. I still believe its the most important record of our time. I still become obsessed with different tracks from that album. Its not even healthy. Bodacious display of lawlessness! Justice must be served!

The Bodacious Period shirt, hoodie, tank top

The Bodacious Period Tank top
Tank top
The Bodacious Period Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
The Bodacious Period Hoodie

Cool The Bodacious Period shirt, hoodie, tank top

As we enter the short, fragile period of time we call Summer what better way to communicate to your friends, family and loved ones that you are a fan of good quality music and don’t give a fuck who knows it with a Slime Recordings t-shirt? Brand new garms now available for gents and ladies created in a special fuccboi-resistant fabric featuring the brand spanking new Slime logo on the front and back. Mint green on jet black.

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