Buttman shirt

Buttman shirt

DCF took my kids and even tho I jumped thru hoops for them and got everything done. They drug my Buttman shirt. Their reasoning? Neglect unsubstantiated within 2 months of opening yet. I ran into one of the many foster parents my children went to and she told me the very first night.

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Buttman shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Buttman Ladies tee
Ladies tee

she got them the case worker told her my kids were up for adoption and she could have them. My Buttman shirt only in the system for profit for the state of Kansas, it took a judge on a whole new level to see what they were doing to me and he ordered the release immediately.

Buttman hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Buttman hoodie

CPS is only ot to make money. That’s it! Strange how Americans have this Buttman shirt that they are “number one”, when, apart from military spending they are the worst in almost every respect than any other nation in the world. Even literacy, child mortality

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