Cabrona Pero Cute shirt

Cabrona Pero Cute shirt

I would like to see them invest in cameras that takes people’s pictures and then sends them a Cabrona Pero Cute shirt! Speed trap! The state troopers always park in the same spots if the cameras were to be put in place it would made it to where people will slow down kinda. I think that people already go 75 so who cares.

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Cabrona Pero Cute shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Cabrona Pero Cute youth tee
Youth tee
Cabrona Pero Cute ladies tee
Ladies tee

I am one of those people who go the speed limit and travel in the left lane. People pass around me all angry and stuff but I just say that they should have better time management skills. I’m all for it, But agree with the Cabrona Pero Cute shirt about driving slower, than the other traffic in the left lane, Its not a stopping offence.

Cabrona Pero Cute hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Cabrona Pero Cute sweater
Cabrona Pero Cute hoodie

However impeding the flow of traffic is, I have seen the Police slow down move to the Cabrona Pero Cute shirt. Raise the limit, don’t raise the limit, it won’t matter much. Not like anyone has been doing the current posted speed limit for the past 6 years that I’ve lived here, or using their blinkers or stopping on a red light.

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