Camera sunflower shirt

Camera sunflower shirt

Had a woman swerve into my lane on the 60 today going 75 typing on phone looking down during rush hour. I honked as she was about to hit me, she looked up, stuck her arm out window, flipped me off. And then looked back down and kept typing. It is getting ridiculous. I had a man with a Firefighter sticker on his Camera sunflower shirt.

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Camera sunflower shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Camera sunflower youth tee
Youth tee
Camera sunflower Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Almost side swipe me the other day because he was texting all of the way out of my neighborhood and all the way down 83rd Ave; swerving over my Camera sunflower shirt. You would think he would know better! Use blue tooth or use the do not disturb feature while driving. 20 years ago we didn’t need to talk or text while driving.

Camera sunflower hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Camera sunflower hoodie
Camera sunflower sweater

I thought it was ilegal and proposed in most cities and states because of the Camera sunflower shirt, when I was in. safety survivor class the instructor said close you eyes for a few seconds when driving and see if you survive. The same thing with texting it’s a distraction no doubt.

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