The camera sutra shirt

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    Broken right leg and ankle, herniated disc in lumbar spine, severe whiplash, and two months after almost died again from a staph infection. I took the worst of it but all of us had injuries. Because she didn’t actually kill any of us, she got a The camera sutra shirt!

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    The camera sutra shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

    The camera sutra youth tee

    Youth tee

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    Ladies tee

    That’s all. Be had a dozen surgeries and an still not done even after 18 years. It doesn’t ever end for We victims. She got to go home and live her The camera sutra shirt. I never got to do that. So I support REAL PRISON TIME for impaired driving. She should have done jail time and have her driving privileges permanently REVOKED!

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    The camera sutra hoodie


    The camera sutra sweater


    It should be a felony punishable of up to 15 years for a non fatality based on the damages done. For a fatality, should be at least 15 to up to life depending on the The camera sutra shirt. Yes it’s harsh. But I’m doing Life and harsh first begin to describe what I live with. And I’m certainly not alone.

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