Champagne gang shirt

Champagne gang shirt

I advise anyone who hasn’t seen her previous acceptance speeches to seek them out on Youtube. They are all a delight! I’m so happy for her but gutted that train wreck won for bohemian. I was about to smash the tv, coz the favorite got nothing and feel being sidelined.  Very happy for this lady, as a virtual unknown in this part of the world it is wonderful that she’s entered into the echelon. This may have come as a shocker to most, but sometimes we overlook the deserving too. I have not seen the Champagne gang shirt but looking forward to it. I really wanted her to win, in case won, that was gonna be a prove of political correctness.

Champagne gang shirt, hoodie, tank top ​​​​​​​and sweater

Champagne gang Ladies
Champagne gang Hoodie


The Champagne gang shirt is nauseating and it only put on so Hollywood can pat their own backs and tell each other how great they are and still think anyone but them gives. Well deserved, I wanted this since the day I watched the movie! What a performance, it’s mesmerizing, stunning and very close to heart! I was in London two weeks ago when he won their version of the Oscars. There too a humble, well-presented acceptance speech. Such an absolutely beautiful speech! He was so perfect for this role and nailed his entire performance! He was phenomenal out of this world totally well deserved nobody else deserves that award more than him amazing.

Champagne gang Sweater
Champagne gang Tank top
Tank top

And what’s the Champagne gang shirt of the film, live away of life that will lead you to illness and die because of aids! The movie was one done with such taste that you got the story without the added points of issues being shoved in your face. No extra scenes needed to exploit the sex drugs just pure emotion and rock n roll and how to follow or take life. His story and the issues of the human race when it comes to being oppressed are covered.

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