Cobra strike shirt

Cobra strike shirt

I remember seeing the original video and my heart stopping only to know that at that moment he was you both for having enough love for both of these fur babies! And it’s ok for them to go outside for a little while to play and explore as long as they keep an eye on me and take them back in after a while. Good kitty people. Good to see them both grow up in happy homes. I too believe cats should be indoors. But ours seemed to want to go out all the Cobra strike shirt as a kitten, so we bought a harness for him. Now we have the best of both worlds.

Cobra strike shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Cobra strike Ladies
Cobra strike Hoodie


He sits by the Cobra strike shirt when he wants to go out. He’ s always supervised outside. Keep your cats indoors. That’s why they are called domesticated not wild. Makes me so mad when I see people let their cats outside. The only way they should be allowed outside is with a leash. It ok for them to go outside but not with your care. This is how my cat was saved by my colleague, who picked him up from a busy road.

Cobra strike Sweater
Cobra strike Tank top
Tank top

Thanks for all the people out there caring for the small and defenseless beings! Don’t let your cats roam outside however, it’s irresponsible. If you want them to experience the outside which I think they should then get a Cobra strike shirt and leash.Can’t believe no one else was stopping the traffic. I would so run into traffic to do this. These are good people.

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