Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt

Colin Kaepernick does not deserve a second chance because he did nothing wrong to ruin the first chance that he got. If you support Colin Kaepernick please buy this shirt Notorious rapper and activist Common showing love with the official “I’m With Kap, Just Us” tee. Join him in supporting Colin Kaepernick, Know Your Rights Camp and the  The New York Times reported that most of the cops were people of color, and during the rally in Brooklyn Bridge Park they wore shirts reading.

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap tank top
tank top
Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Look at this love from NYPD officers from 5 boroughs in their shirts saying Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt In the red is Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams. They support Colin Kaepernick because they also want the system to be held accountable for systematic oppression against black people and people of color. Donating all proceeds of tee shirts back into the community…what a beautiful thing and to add he has an invite to the barbecue and Sunday dinner.

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap youth shirt
youth shirt

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap hoodie, sweater and longsleeve shirt

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap hoodie

Almost 100 current and retired NYPD officers rallied on Saturday to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and his fight towards a solution to racial injustice and police accountability. They wore shirts that read Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt and chanted “We support Kap” with their fists in the air. “As members of law enforcement, we can confirm that the issues he is saying exist in policing, and throughout the criminal justice system, indeed exist,” Sergeant Edwin Raymond, who organized the event, told attendees.

Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt

When we got the idea to start Nuthin’ But a Tee Thang, our first design was this Colin Kaepernickshirt, created back in Oct of 2016. It took a little longer to get the store up and running but we knew we wanted set the tone with this tee.The gathering in Brooklyn Bridge Park was organized by Sgt. Edwin Raymond and attended by about 80 officers who wore black T-shirts emblazoned with “ Colin Kaepernick Imwithkap shirt.” Frank Serpico, a former officer who exposed corruption in the New York Police Department in the 1970s, attended.

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