Colorful Turtle shirt

Colorful Turtle shirt

Hats off to Mrs Mak for being such a strong woman standing by her husband to support him. Hats off also to Mr Mak for being so brave to seek medical help and now educating the public with his Colorful Turtle shirt. Stay positive n keep fighting. Take things easy and slowly. Keep things simple and there will be less stress.

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Colorful Turtle shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Colorful Turtle youth tee
Youth tee
Colorful Turtle Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Best wishes to your recovery. Best wishes to the Colorful Turtle shirt. Cheerios! Any way for him to contact me? I suffered from depression for a period and I fully emphatize with him. Would like to explore some employment options with him that hopefully he would enjoy.

Colorful Turtle hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Colorful Turtle hoodie
Colorful Turtle sweater

Find fulfilment and able to provide for some of the Colorful Turtle shirt. Definitely nothing in the region of what an infrastructure engineer may get; but there won’t be politics, too much stress and lots of time for him to continue writing.

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