Crazy Bunny Lady heart shirt

Crazy Bunny Lady heart shirt

I have NEVER seen so many drivers texting or surfing on their phones while driving in my entire life. It’s actually a miracle there aren’t more accidents here because of that Bunny Lady heart shirt. Totally ridiculous. These types of laws are already in place in some states and have deterred some from behaving so irresponsibly.

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Crazy Bunny Lady heart youth tee
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Also, hopefully the law will include more serious consequences than those related to drunk driving and hopefully again, the system will not find a way to make it into a business way to make money and not solve the Bunny Lady heart shirt is done re drunk driver.

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Crazy Bunny Lady heart hoodie
Crazy Bunny Lady heart sweater

That system is a joke until someone really get killed or very badly hurt and even then justice is not meted out fairly. Such disgusting and shameful behavior. Not just texting, any distractions. I can’t keep track of how many women I see putting on makeup, swerving in and out of lanes, not to mention the close rear ending that Crazy Bunny Lady heart shirt.

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